Best Online Games To Play With Friends in Singapore


UNO Online Game

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned game of UNO with close friends? It’s the same game you know and love, just online in a web app or mobile app. Play with up to four players and see who can play all their cards first. But don’t forget to call “UNO!”

Among Us

Among Us Online Game

You’re the imposter on a spaceship and it’s your job to deceive all the other crewmates. Play online in public and private rooms with 4 – 10 players. It’s perfect for kids 10+, adults, and everyone in between.


Bunch Online Game

Bunch is a live multiplayer game video chat app that’s like a house party on your phone. Play from any mobile device or smartphone to have tons of laughs with up to eight people at once. It’s great for anyone aged 12 and up.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Online Game

Play the classic card game on your smartphone with Pokémon GO! It’s fun to play with friends as you battle, catch new pokémon, and try out new AR experiences. It’s free to play with the app — all you need to play is a registered account.

Scrabble® GO

Scrabble GO Online Game

The world’s favorite word puzzle game is now available online through Google Play and the App Store. It’s the classic, official game of Scrabble — on the go! Play with friends to score points and fill out the crossword-style board. Best of all, it’s free with an account!

Telegram Werewolf

Telegram Werewolf Online Game

This is another game of deception and deduction! Find out who the other players are, and get rid of your opponents. Organize at least seven of your friends to get started. You can play online in a web app, or on your smartphone.

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